Our shared responsibility for the nature

For the best of the environment

While saving money, you save raw materials and the environment as well. Each retreaded tire saves about 70 liters of oil compared to new one. What’s more, the CO2 emissions are remarkably smaller.

Less greenhouse emissions

It is possible to minimize the carbon dioxide emissions that are inevitably caused by tire manufacturing. While manufacturing a new tire produces about 220 kg of carbon dioxide, retreading produces only about 40 kg of emissions.

Economical quality

E-tread product line

The new Nokian E-tread product range saves raw materials and energy even more than usual. We have developed a new way to recycle our superior rubber compound with an innovative process. This ensures that the final quality remains at a high level.

E-tread retreading materials

Oil and rubber

Each retreading saves about 40 kg of rubber compared to a new tire. About 70 liters of unrenewable oil is also saved for each tire. And both effects accumulate with two retreads.

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Ekological manufacturing

Production of Noktop retreading materials is optimized for minimal effect on the environment. The solvent vapours (volatile organic compounds, VOC) generated in the manufacturing are collected and fed to a catalytic boiler plant.

The steam needed in the manufacturing is produced in an ultramodern carbon neutral boiler plant, utilizing local biomass and industrial surplus material. This is one way Nokian Tyres reduces its carbon footprint.

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