Retreading worth of your trust

Sensible tyre management

Retreading has proven its worth to the whole transport industry. In Scandinavia, nearly half of the truck and bus tyres sold are retreaded. This proves that retreading has earned its place as a part of sensible and economical professional tyre management.

A million-kilometer tyre

Your used but otherwise solid tyre carcass has more value than you might think. A good quality tyre can be retreaded two, even three times, making it possible to cover up to a million kilometres with a single tyre carcass.

Sensible tyre life cycle management is a basic function in every well-run transport company. Noktop retreading materials complement the services offered by Nokian Tyres, bringing predictability and even quality to your tyre lifecycle. With two retreads you can save up to 50% in tyre costs.

Every time you choose a retreaded tyre over new one, you save money, raw materials and nature. What’s more, a retreaded quality tyre is likely to be sturdier than the cheapest new ones. Noktop retreading is available for quality tyre carcasses of any brand.


Tailored for Nordic conditions

For several years, some of our best winter tyres have been optimized for changing seasons by using a two-layer Cap/Base -structure. The tread is composed of two layers: the softer upper layer (Cap) gives a good winter grip. When the tyres are installed in autumn, the upper layer wears out by the next spring and exposes the harder rubber compound (Base) that gives sturdy handling for summer use.

Many Noktop retreading materials intended for winter use have the Cap/Base structure as well. This ensures the optimal properties for your tyres also for the second and the third round.

For the best of the environment

While saving money, you save raw materials and the environment as well. Each retreaded tyre saves about 70 liters of oil compared to new one. What’s more, the CO2 emissions are remarkably smaller.

Our new Nokian E-tread product line saves raw materials and energy even more, as its manufacturing process efficiently utilizes first-class recycled surface rubber compound from our tyre production line.

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Retreading process

Tyre retreading is comparable to manufacturing a new tyre, and the whole process is strictly controlled by legislation and authorities.

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Stand out with quality

Become a Noktop dealer

By offering Noktop retreading service you can serve your customers better – throughout the tyre lifecycle.

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